Real Sustainability –––– not Greenwashing

Today, sustainability is a basic prerequisite for manufacturing companies. Given the ever more complex EU guidelines, supply chain regulations as well as shareholder and customer expectations a well-grounded brand commitment is expected.

Future-proof Product Development

Together we develop your individual strategy and priorities coordinated with your brand identity and the basic technical requirements of your product. Durable products with corresponding manufacturing processes are our primary focus, not fast-fashion.

We take into consideration your product market segment, brand environment and price- level. Aspects which will have the main Influence on the identification and realization of your sustainability strategy.

Certified processes and transparent supply-chains are essential.

Sustainability in the textile industry is an international issue as supply-chains are finely Interwoven world-wide. Only by using trusted and/or certified partners can a transparent supply-chain be guaranteed.

In coordination with your product strategy, we help you choose the appropriate network partners.

We establish a transparent supply-chain using our branch-experienced partners from the procurement of raw materials to the certification process of your finished product. In order to safeguard your process throughout all project phases, we supervise and ensure compliance with all defined standards.