From Design Development –––– to Production Ready

We focus on Design as our way to awake strong emotional needs and infuse our solutions with a clear aesthetic basis. Our design philosophy at its core is driven by functionality, which significantly increases perceived value and communicates intuitively your brand identity.

From Idea to Textile Design

In our atelier or working collaboration with our specialist partners we turn ideas together with your product definition into textile designs. In order to position your product in line with fashion influences, we consider and analyse current trends. As part of our design research, as required, we analyse the product specific language and relevant codes.

(Digital) Visualisation

The interplay between technical product design and graphical visualisation creates the optimal basis for the development of unique design solutions. In addition, we work with creative hand sketches and graphics as well as with 2D and 3D digital visualisation. This process combined with our CAD based pattern cutting allows us to develop your specific collection. This becomes the basis for creation of the physical prototypes.

Production-ready Prototypes

For the last step of the design process we prepare physical product samples, partially hand made. On the basis of these prototypes, fit and technical details will be reviewed and refined as necessary so that your product is ensured to be fully correct and production ready.

Be it a digitally visualised product design or a physical prototype you can touch – we bring your product to life.