First Time Right Decisionmaking –––– With 360° Product Development

From the beginning, a complete overview: from raw material procurement, product construction and technical parameters to brand, production and price level.

1 Key requirements

  • Need
  • Function & performance
  • Technical parameters
  • Price level/n
  • Sustainability strategy

Our product development begins with the definition of these points. In this way we provide you from the beginning a 360° perspective with control and overview of all essential product aspects:

2 Supply Chain

  • Raw material procurement
  • Manufactruring processes
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Transparency
  • Possible conflicts

In order to get insight into the build-up and interfaces in later process steps, we subsequently take into consideration all supply chain parameters.

3 Implementation

  • Materials and components
  • Manufacturing techniques
  • Finishing
  • Circular economics of recycling

In coordination with your project scope and the product requirements we select the appropriate supply chain partners from our trusted network. In close personal coordination with these manufacturing companies, we develop optimal solutions from material selection to alternatives for serial manufacturing.

At the end we provide a precise description of all aspects of the product – a product that reflects perfectly your brand and can be manufactured within your defined budget.